Smart Corporate Space

We create smart commercial rooms focused on efficiency, security, and safety with social distancing in mind.

Clients KDMY Worked with

Elegant & Efficient Rooms

Wi-Fi Coverag

Smart board room

Conduct efficient meetings with high-quality video conferencing, crystal clear audio, and collaboration capabilities without breaking physical distancing, needs great Wi-Fi coverage.


Smart event room

Have smooth conferences with smart room controls, high quality broadcasting technology, and physical distancing designs to maximize safety.


Have great sounding space at the same time, allowing customers and employees to perform their tasks efficiently.


Designed for easy and secure access to many different parts of the space, with smart locks, touch panels, and video surveillance.

Perks of a smart work space

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Less Overhead

Collaboration icon

Efficient Collaboration

Streamlined operations icon

Streamlined Operations

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Long-Term Reliability

State-of-the-Art Technology

Smart Lighting icon

Smart Lighting

Automatically have the lights turn on or off if they sense someone, or give access to select people that are able to adjust them from their phone

Passcode system icon

Passcode System

Control who has access to certain rooms and what time, ensuring privacy and an organized workflow.

Video conferencing icon

Video Conferencing

Easily adapt to the new normal by having high-quality video conferencing available within the room, making for fast and clear communication

Surround sound icon

In-wall speakers

In wall speakers that can work with presentations, or to play ambient music and other sounds.

Ultra HD projector icon

Ultra HD Projector

High quality HD projectors for any presentations capable of communicating with other devices.

Building for the New Normal

Every commercial design we create is built with social distancing in mind, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and safety with every client we work with.

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