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We help busy homeowners change the way they live by making their homes smart, so they can avoid stress and unnecessary bills and live comfortably and conveniently.

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Homes Smart
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Our team has proudly worked with many of the world's leading companies

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Lower Utility Bills

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Savings Graph EmptyUtility Savings Graph

Your climate control and lighting will work much more efficiently,
saving you money and making the world a greener place.

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Protect What Matters

State of the art security systems will deter criminals, and give you live updates if anyting happens. Video monitoring will help you keep an eye on the kids, pets, and the elderly, giving you peace of mind.

Home Theater System


Have the power of the big screen at the comfort and safety of your own home, changing family movie nights and get-togethers forever.

Live In the Future

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Leave the heavy lifting to your smart home. Automate the boring parts of life, and experience the convenience possible today that we previously thought was science fiction.

Tailor-made to you

Night owl or an early bird, our strategy will make sure your house is customized to your lifestyle.  Many parts of your home will be able to communicate with themselves to create routines, sense, and conditions.

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Discovery & Design

We start by learning about your goals and budget. We then analyze your current system, and work together to design a new system that will best fit your needs and lifestyle.

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After the new design has been finalized, we get everything ready. This includes preparing our team, and ordering all the products necessary for the project.

Client Smart Services Installation


Once everything is ready, we will begin the installation of your new system and manage the process for you from A-Z, including programming, physical labor, and more.

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When the project is completed, we will walk you through your new system with all it’s smart features and how to use them. We also offer ongoing support and warranty's that vary from project to project.

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We believe Homes should work for you.

We believe that your home should work for you, and not seemingly fight against you. With the technology available today, we believe we can make any home a convenient and comfortable hub.

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Use our calculator to find out the approximate cost of your new smart system. Each quote will be a rough Estimate depending on your input, and financing options are available. Get in touch for more details.

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