How To Choose Smart Home Options?

When presented with Smart Home options it is overwhelming with the amount of options and different products out there. The real question is how to choose the right products for you? I will be providing five questions. By answering those questions you will be able to choose the best systems that will fit your needs and benefit your lifestyle.

1- How important is privacy to you and Security.

If privacy is paramount as well as security then make sure you invest in a good high definition surveillance camera system throughout the property as well as a good alarm system that would alert you in case of an intruder or a possible damage to the property. New alert systems can alert you to water leaks, gas leaks and many more dangers that could put your life or your property in danger. Having a very well designed system will give you the peace of mind you need.

2- What parts of your residence do you spend most time in?

If you spend a lot of time in the living room then a good surround sound system and a gaming console as well as a flatscreen or projector screen are definitely a good option to go for. But if you’re a foodie and would like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen then a good smart kitchen system needs to be in place to perfect every meal and impress your guests. If the backyard is where you spend most of your time then a good outdoor Wi-Fi system and exterior speakers should be installed to give you the comfort and a good internet coverage outside your house. 

3- How important is comfort to you?

If comfort is what you’re always looking for then a good smart lighting system should be installed throughout the premise. All the rooms you are actively in for most of the time should have automated lights as well as lighting sensors per room for complete autonomous control. A heated driveway so you don’t have to shovel in the winter is definitely what you’re looking for.

4- How much do you care about styling?

If style is what you really care for the most then make sure you choose very subtle systems such as in ceiling speakers that would not show within your property also in wall Wi-Fi as well as very subtle touch panels that are small and not tacky. The systems have to be extremely simple and subtle to blend in with the environment design and not complicated.

5- How do you enjoy relaxing?

If you enjoy relaxing by spending a long time reading a book then a very good surround system in your preferred reading area would be a great idea but if your relaxing time is watching a movie with your loved ones then a home theatre should be on your list. 

The most important thing is to make sure that all your products are compatible together and well engineered. Choosing the right home automation system integrator is key to ensure you have a good designed system. 

April 22, 2021
About The Author:

Michael Yanni

Michael’s background is in engineering, and he is an avid tech enthusiast who’s driven by the desire to help make people's lives easier and more accessible through technology. When he isn’t thinking of new ways to use technology, you can find him tinkering with 3D printed tools, or going boating if the weather permits.

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